The Project Without End

Well, life is what happens while you’re waiting to accomplish your plans. This has been a very difficult year and tons of things have happened and gotten done, but none of them had anything to do with the Arcade Project.

However, like a zombie, this thing has risen from the dead and is walking around again.

We pulled out all the stored parts and opened up the cabinet and started working on the permanent wiring. All the wiring will be held in wiring trays to keep the wires tidy and to separate power wiring (on one side of cabinet) from signal wiring (other side of cabinet). Today we cut the wiring tray material to length and got it installed:

Next up is to mount the DC power supply and finish the power wiring for all the lights. BFG has an IT guy trying to fix the computer configuration issues and we need to finish wiring in the coin door switches.

GOAL: fully playable before Christmas!

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