Coin Door Revision

I managed to get a coin door from an original Atari Tempest cab. Actually, I now have several of the same model of coin door, but one of them I know for a fact came out of a Tempest machine. I took that door, cleaned it up and had it powder coated to look original. Then I cleaned up the backplate and coin mech parts and put it all back together. One of the other doors I found had orange coin return buttons, so I cleaned those up and installed my own graphics. Apply 12V and:


I’m very happy with it! I do not want to alter the wiring or hardware (love that I will be able to say it is an original Tempest coin door) so I needed to figure out the pinouts on the 24 pin Molex (4×6) connector. Using a multimeter I was able to pretty quickly determine:

  1. Center Coin Switch
  2. Right Coin Switch
  3. Left Coin Switch
  4. Reset ON & Momentary Switch
  5. “Tilt” Switch
  6. Switch Common (All Coin, Reset, Tilt)
  7. Solenoid Common
  8. Center Solenoid
  9. Right Solenoid
  10. Left Solenoid
  11. Extra Counter A1
  12. Extra Counter A2
  13. Top Counter 1 (apply 6VDC either way to increment)
  14. Top Counter 2
  15. Bottom Counter 1 (apply 6VDC either way to increment)
  16. Bottom Couter 2
  17. Extra Counter B1
  18. Extra Counter B2
  19. Coin Return Lights Power (12VDC)
  20. Coin Return Lights GND
  21. Not Used
  22. Not Used
  23. Chassis GND
  24. Chassis GND


Currently I am using 12VDC incandescent bulbs that I bought at the auto parts store.


I have ordered LED bulbs that are packaged in a T3.25 Bayonet base. Both are orange, one is a dome covered package and the other is open. I will try them both and post the results of the comparison.

I will be using the “Test” switch as my free-play switch.

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