The Game is On!

We are getting very close to being done! Lots of things have happened since the kids got out of school… My second youngest made me promise we would get the […]

The Show Can Go On

Finished and installed the monitor glass mounts today. Once all the mounts were cut and fitted they got a coat of black paint except for the tab that fits in […]

Holding up the Show

We started working on the mounts to hold the monitor glass as well as the admin panel and the speaker grill. There are slots cut into the sides to hold […]

Power to the Players

Continuing the modding of the Cowboy Arcade computer… Decided to paint the optical drive orange too: The new fans came in… So I got them mounted: and then plugged things […]

Orange Power

We decided to decase the MAME computer. The tower case is bulky and there is not a good way to afix it to the arcade cabinet so that it won’t […]