The Sound of….Blasters

Every great arcade needs a great sound system to really belt out those 80’s sounds. We bought a set of Logitech Z2300 computer speakers for this very thing. We selected […]


A little more progress! Got the overlay applied to the control panel this afternoon. Just to refresh your memory (since it’s been over a year since the last time we […]

Diggin’ It

A little more progress! BFG came over to watch the OSU vs. Savannah State game (actually, he brought the wife and kids too). Since the game outcome was fairly obvious […]

The Project Without End

Well, life is what happens while you’re waiting to accomplish your plans. This has been a very difficult year and tons of things have happened and gotten done, but none […]

Milling About

Well, no project gets done without some adjustments to the plan… THE BAD NEWS: Got the monitor out of storage to install in the cabinet (a Nieman Video 27″ Flat […]