The Devil is in the Admin Details

The plan for admin functions and other necessary items has changed several times over the last couple years. However, once the cabinet was cut and assembled it became much harder to make any real changes. The admin panel behind the main CP has three holes on each side (originally all for admin), the front of the CP box has three holes on the left (for sound controls) and one on the right (for pin plunger). There are also 2 button holes on each side of the cabinet for pin flippers and nudge. Between cutting those holes and now we found really cool USB connectors and added those to the “needed extras” list. The “needed” admin button list seems to be an ever changing thing, for now it is: Pause, Escape, Return and Tab. So the two extra holes in the admin panel become the USB ports. The plunger interfered with both the CP buttons and the flipper/nudge buttons so it got moved to a lower postion and the hole filled with a button that does nothing right now….

Another option is to add a hole to the right of the three left hole in the front of the box, shift the sound controls over to the right and put a USB in the farthest left hole and the other usb in the single right hole (old plunger location). This would free up the other two holes on the admin panel for two more admin buttons.

The admin buttons are orange (of course) and will have vinyl cutouts applied for the functions. We are still deciding whether to go positive or negative:

Currently we are planning on wiring the Coin Returns to switches for Player 1 and Player 2 coin buttons. If we move the USB ports down we could use the two extra Admin spaces for those…..decisions, decisions.

If we go with moving the USB ports down the admin panel would look like this:

We would have to drill another hole in the front of the box for the second USB port. The question is whether to put it next to the extra hole (old plunger location) or next to the sound controls. We are leaning toward the old plunger location….

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