Diggin’ It

A little more progress! BFG came over to watch the OSU vs. Savannah State game (actually, he brought the wife and kids too). Since the game outcome was fairly obvious from about 4 minutes into the first quarter (84 – 0 final) we decided to try to fix some of the computer problems with the Cowboy Arcade.

He fired up the box and called a tech guy of his and after several alterations of files and startup stuff we were able to get the computer to boot up in the proper resolution and load MAME as default. Then we selected games and started messing around:

Playing Dig Dug using the keyboard.

That’s right, keyboard. We still can’t get MAME to recognize the inputs from the LEDWiz. The computer sees them in the configuration screens for a game controller, but they aren’t making it into MAME….

That’s the problem we will try to solve next.

Also got a little farther on wiring, installed power supply, and am working on wiring up the coin door stuff.

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