Thinking IN the box…

Well, last night we glued up the Cowboy Arcade cabinet! It went really well and all the planning and care taken to this point paid off in a great final assembly.

We had already test fit each part in each side, so we knew the thing could go together. With a side laying on the table of the router (flat, sturdy, big surface) we put epoxy glue in all the dado grooves that would be receiving parts. Then we put the parts in that side making sure each part was completely seated and correctly positioned. Then we put glue into the same slots on the other side and lifted it onto the assembly. Starting at the top of the cabinet we worked each component into place (sometime with a little help from a rubber mallet) until the whole side was seated over the ends of the components. We then used an air nailer and clamps to secure the side while the glue dried.

For the door, we used Bryce’s edge bander to put a black PVC edging on the door before laminating the front.

Then we test fitted the CP and admin panel to get an idea of what everything will look like!

We got the CP laminated and the hinges on the door before we quit last night but I didn’t get any pictures.

Tomorrow we will glue in the side pieces for the the back to attach to and make sure everything is complete and then it comes home!

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