Sound II

The Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speaker system arrived and I immediately dismantled it. Turns out that this system is going to work perfectly! The satellite speakers have removable grills held in place by pins that slip into rubber grommets in the cases. These grommets came out of the cases easily and after measuring the hole dimensions and center to center distances it was simple to draw a plan for the speaker panel (above the monitor) to utilize these grills.



The satelite speakers attach to their bases with three small screws and are tiltled upward about 20 deg. When turned upside down and attached to the marquee box bottom panel they line up perfectly with the speaker panel and point downward toward the players! They also tilt away from the monitor which allows them to be moved farther forward.


The speaker controls came apart with very little effort and consist of a volume control pot, and bass crossover adjustment pot, a power button, and an earphone jack. All these items are through-hole mounted on a PC board with 4 mounting screw holes.


I intend to remove the control pots and the stereo headphone jack and solder wires in the holes to connect to the controls which will be panel mounted in the front of the CP box. Since none of the pots available (or the ones from the control unit) are made to mount in 3/4 MDF, a solution was needed to mount these small controls.


I will machine a part out of black Delrin (a very hard and durable plastic) that has the outside dimensions and shape of a Happ Button housing. Where the plunger should be will be a flat area with the appropriate size hole drilled to accept the hozel of the pot or stereo plug. I got some smaller knobs from Radio Shack and when complete the look should blend in well.

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