Almost there…

Worked for about 4 hours on the cabinet at Bryce’s shop today! We are getting very close.

Here is the back of the marquee box glued up:

Then the whole marquee box together and fitted into a side:

Since the router bit used to cut the dado grooves won’t cut a sharp corner we have to round off the corners of the parts going into the side dados. We used a laminate trimming router with a plunge bit set exactly as deep as the dados and the rounded off the corners where necessary. Once the part is fitted the sharp corners are flush against the inside surface of the side and look very neat.

Here is the base being glued up:

We used biscuits to make sure the pieces lined up exactly and are using an epoxy glue that takes a few hours to set. It is a void filling glue and has several times the strength of carpenters glue.

Here is the base with the joists ready to go in:

And here is the completed base with the cement for the laminate on it:

Here is the front panel (the part under the CP) glue together:

Here are the door and the “monitor shelf” (the monitor doesn’t sit there…)

And here are a couple pics of the parts fitted into one or the other side:

Tomorrow we are going to glue the thing together! Stay tuned for pics of the complete cabinet.


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