Long Time Comin”

After too long. Way too long. We are finally back on track. Let me recap…

February 2009: For my 45th birthday BFG offers to buy me a Tempest cab or pay for the components to build my own. I choose the “build your own” option and start on the journey.

January 2010: After almost a year of planning and acquiring parts we found out that a friend of mine had a full size CNC router table. I updated the plans to take advantage of this and have everything dado’d into the sides. Unfortunately, after another year plus we still hadn’t been able to get aforementioned ‘friend’ to cut a single piece of wood.

August 2011: The cabinet guy that does work for my company turns out to have a full size CNC router table! Not wanting to get my hopes up, I sent him the plans and crossed my fingers.

Today I met with him for an hour to discuss details. He called this morning to tell me he had cut the sides and CP out of scrap material to test and wanted me to come see them! I almost wet myself.



In addition to being able (and willing and ready) to cut the big pieces that I designed to be CNC routed, Bryce (that’s his name) is also going to cut the rest of the parts and has offered several helpful ideas to make the assembly go smoother.

We are going to get this thing built!!!!

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